Head Coach

Im Natalie, Founder and Head Coach of Nuneaton Trampolining Club. I am level two qualified and currently working my way through the level 3 coaching award. As formal B National Competitor (albit some years ago now!!) I have many years experience training and competing in the sport at a high level to share. Two years ago, inspired by my children taking up the sport, I decided I had, had enough of the day job and made a U turn on my career as a Health and Saftey Manager to start coaching. Giving back to the sport, and making my passion my career. I now have grafted to start my own club. My vision is to create a club that will become a family for our members, and coaches, create jobs, encourage particpitation in sport and an active healthy life stlye for young people. As we all learn, laugh, share and grow together. Every child has potential and I love to work with them to bring it out wherever it may lead. 

Natalie Abel

Welfare Officer

Claire Noon AKA little Ellie's Mum!!!

Claire works as a teacher to children with disabilities. Shes kind, caring, and always has an ear to listen. And we love her!! 

Claire Noon

Level 1 Coach

Ellie, is our fab new coach, a former NDP 6 competitor and currently at University. Ellie is working towards her level one coaching qualification and has lots of experience in coaching.

Ellie Holford

Trainee Level 2 Coach

Ellie or AKA Big Ellie........not that shes big at all, shes just the eldest of ALL the Ellie's we have in the club. Ellie is an promising young coach on and off the trampoline. 

Ellie Harris

Level One Coach

Caitlan believe it or not is Ellies (Big Ellie) twin sister! Yes we know they look nothing alike and this news surprises everyone. Caitlain is kind caring and thoughtful.  This girl knows her stuff and can write a written lesson plan better than any of us! 

Caitlan Harris

Trainee Level One Coach

Nic is Rhainis mum, and a qualified P.E. teacher. Nic's expanding her skills and knowladge. We are lucky to have her on board 

Nic Tindall

Proficiency Award Coach

Reece and Sara, are two of our aspiring older bouncers, They have recently completed the coaching Proficiency Award in Feb 2018. You will find Reece and Sara helping out coaching the beginners in General Classes.

Reece and Sara

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